Mal Vecino™
  1. Glass Eye Projection
    Testing A glass eye for Projection on big surfaces. Usable in Domes or rooms for complete projection surfaces.
  2. 3 Cubes + 3 Rectangles
    Testing Cubes and Rectangles DIY structures for Mapping Projection
  3. Bassworx Session January
    Visual Setup for Bassworx Session January 2017
  4. 2 Pallets
    Mal Vecino Visual Projection testing with 2 Pallets
  5. Foggy Ghost Cube
    Testing Projection at Foggy night
  6. 3 Cubes
    MalVecino testing 3 Cubes with transparent layers for Visual Projection
  7. Bassworx April Session V2.
    MalVecino Visual set for Bassworx Dubai
  8. Me-rror Testing
    MalVecino ft. Ghost Machine project Me-rror before LPM2017 Amsterdam
  9. 3 Piramids
    Test Mapping for 3 Piramids with HeavyM
  10. 2 pallets and 4 Masks
    MApping test for 2 Pallets and 4 Masks with Resolume
  11. White Noise Visual Set October 217
    MalVecino Visual set for White Noise party October 2017
  12. Geodesic Dome
    MalVecino Stage design